Oops - I Think I Swallowed A Cat (Or Two)!


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Poor little Snowy was very sick - The normally energetic dog was unable eat or drink and was extremely lethargic. When he started throwing up, his concerned owners, Samantha and Mick Reed, decided to take the one-year old Highland Terrier to the veterinarian.

After several medical tests came in negative, the doctor recommended a new diet and even gave Snowy some vitamins - but nothing worked. As a last resort, he decided to take some X-rays and voila there in, was the problem - staring eerily back at him was - A two-inch tall kitty cat!

A simple hour-long operation revealed, not one, but a whole family of felines - mum, dad and three kids, that the naughty dog had swallowed. To everyone's relief, the cats were not real, but plastic toys that belonged to the Reed kids.

Now that the toys are out of his system, Snowy is back to being the social, happy and energetic dog that the Reeds are familiar with. Hopefully, the next time he sees a cat, plastic or otherwise, he will keep his paws off.

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