Harry Crowther is just like any 11-year old except for the fact that he suffers from arthritis and gets tired quite easily. The reason for his ailments? A rare, incurable genetic disease, which is causing his body to age, five times the rate of a normal human being.

The young boy's symptoms started to appear just after he turned one, when his parents noticed his skin starting to tighten. However, no doctor was able to diagnose his condition until, his parents happened upon a documentary of a young girl suffering from a similar disease. That's when the experts realized that he was suffering from an extremely rare, uncurable genetic disease, called Atypical Progeria Syndrome (APS).

While there are a handful of people who suffer from something similar, doctors believe that Harry is the only one in the world with this particular strain of APS.

What's really frustrating is that the experts have no idea what to expect next and therefore, can do nothing to help the young boy. So, while the eleven-year old wants to do all the activities normal kids do - like climb trees, ride bikes and swim, he is a little limited, because of his 'aged' body!

However, the plucky Mirfield, West Yorkshire resident is taking it all in stride. The only thing that frustrates him, is not having anybody to share his symptoms with and, the stares he receives from strangers who do not know about his disease. We sure hope the doctors can come up with a solution that will help cure the tween of this bizarre sickness.

source:dailymail.co.uk, news.com.au