Panda Cubs Head To 'Kindergarten'


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On February 6th, the Kindergarten room in China's Wolong National Reserve was abuzz with excitement - Sixteen teachers ran around frantically, trying to get the room ready with bunches of balloons and colorful umbrellas, to welcome the incoming class of the cutest kindergartners - 16 baby Panda Bears!

Fortified with a breakfast of yummy milk, the 16, one-year olds arrived in great spirits, showing no signs of separation anxiety, despite the fact that this was the first time they had been away from their mothers.

After posing rather impatiently for a class photo, they scampered off to check out their new home, attacking the colorful umbrellas and balloons with vigor, before moving on to the yard to explore the new playground, built especially for them. By the end of the day, much to the relief of their 'teachers', the Panda babies looked happy, relaxed and well settled.

The Wolong Nature Preserve is a protected panda preserve located in Wenchuan County in the Sichuan Province. The 500,000-acre park, is home to more than 150 endangered species of Panda Bears and also houses a research center.

Since it was established in 1963, over 66 Panda Bears have been born at the center. To view some live images of some of the inhabitants, check out the link to the 24-hour live web camera,,

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