Outrageous Shoe Designs


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Straps, rubber soles, white shoelaces - all words that come to mind when thinking about shoes. But how about dog-faces, bananas, and tongues?

Kobi Levi a young Israeli designer creates humorous depictions of real-life objects or people, in the form of a shoe.

His creations based on banana skins, slingshots, chewing gum, and even rocking chairs are what he dubs as wearable sculpture. The freelance designer believes that unlike clothes that exist only when being worn, shoes should be 'alive' whether they are on or off the feet.

Mr. Levi constructs his shoes out of leather, metal, and even wood. However, he insists they can also be worn. He usually creates one to fit his own shoe size because he is curious of how they feel on the feet.

His innovative way of making art come alive is similar to that of the late Alexander McQueen. Mr. McQueen was famous for his "armadillo" shoe, as well as, many other unusual heel shapes.

Lady Gaga, known for her eccentric sense of style, wore McQueen's armadillo heels in one of her music videos last year. But if you think the lobster-claw shape is terrifying, prepare to be even more shocked. Gaga has also been seen defying gravity in shoes with no heel at all - And, she performed wearing them!

Designers create art with so much sole...but, would YOU dare to wear a pair of banana slip-ons, heel-less sneakers, or gum stilettos? To check out some more of Kobe Levi's outrageous fashions go to kobilevidesign.blogspot.com.


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