New Species Of 'Sneezing Monkey' Discovered!


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Just when you think you have seen it all, a totally new animal species comes along and totally stumps you - First there was the bouncing fish, then came along the strawberry crabs and now, a sneezing monkey - that was recently discovered near the Maw River in Kachin State, Myanmar.

The black furry mammal that sports white tufts of hair on its chin and a white beard, looks like any other monkey except for one thing - It's nostrils, which are upturned. Therefore, whenever it rains, water tends to collect inside them, causing the poor creatures to sneeze incessantly. To avoid that, it sometimes spends days with its head tucked between its knees.

While the species is new to scientists, who went in search of it after hearing reports from hunters, it is well-known to the locals who call it 'mey nwoah' or 'monkey with the upturned face'. While similar species of monkeys have been found in China and Vietnam, this is the first time they have been spotted in Mynamar (formerly known as Burma).

As is the case with all these exotic animals, thanks to loss of habitat and hunting, scientists believe that there are only about 260 to 330 of these mammals left in the world, all living in a small area of about 100 square miles. They have now been placed on the critically endangered list of animals. Hopefully, this will help save them from becoming extinct.


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