An Automatic Washing Machine - For Your Pooch!


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Just when you think you have seen it all, someone comes up with yet another bizarre invention - This time it is an automatic washing machine, which supposedly cleans your pooch (or even your cat!) in just half an hour.

The Dog O'Matic, resembles an ordinary clothes washing machine that gently showers and shampoos the dog for five minutes and then gently dries it for the rest of the time. In case the pet panics, owners can pull it out immediately and complete the job in a normal bathtub.

The machine is the brainchild of French entrepreneur Romain Jarry, who says it has been so successful in his hometown, St. Max, France that he is planning to roll it out world-wide, starting with Britain next year.

While it may be safe and gentle on the dogs, we somehow don't think we would be able to take our pet (if we had one) to something that resembles a 'fluff & fold' Laundromat, and subject it to something like this. Would you? Be sure to let us know by adding your comments below!,

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  • happy-emma
    happy-emmaalmost 2 years
    I love how the machine uses high-tech buttons and many more techniques, it isn't going to be my best choice for dogs. I would prefer hand-washed ones
    • frenchie_friend
      frenchie_friendalmost 2 years
      I love it! my frenchie hates baths.🤣
      • jazmine2008
        jazmine2008almost 2 years
        that's so cool and creative. 🐕
        • nightcolony442
          nightcolony442almost 2 years
          As much as I think it would be great to get my dog clean, I think my dog would freak out, he hates water
          • x_goddess_x
            x_goddess_xalmost 2 years
            That's cute!
            • octopus1234
              octopus1234almost 3 years
              If I had a dog, I would want it to clean my pet!
              • octopus1234
                octopus1234almost 3 years
                But this is from 2009! Wouldn't it have spread to here already?
                • lunagood35
                  lunagood35almost 3 years
                  I would never use that on my dog. It looks like puppy torture! Besides the water could get in the dogs eyes and ears
                  • animereina2021
                    animereina2021almost 3 years
                    I wouldn't have done that for my dogos, because then they would freak. And also, does it actually clean the pet? How would I be sure that my dogos are well scrubbed with soap? The water can get in the poor pooches eyes, and might even scare the pet... SO MANY QUESTIONS THAT I HAVE FOR THIS ARTICLE. Idk about you, but doesn't it seem like torture? Poor dogos and munchkins (cats)...😢Creative thinking though...
                    • nightcolony442
                      nightcolony442almost 2 years
                      I feel exactly the same way, also, my dog doesn't like baths, or water falling on him
                    • bangarangwolf
                      bangarangwolfalmost 3 years
                      I would put a Turkish van cat in there, they LOVE water