A Chocolate Eiffel Tower - Yum!


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Commuters rushing to catch their trains at London's St. Pancras International Station were in for a treat that made most of them drool - A 12-ft high replica of the famous Parisian landmark - The Eiffel Tower.

The intricately carved model made entirely out of milk chocolate, was erected by gourmet British chocolate make Thorntons, to promote their new 'Continental' line of chocolates which include flavors like gingerbread and hazelnut.

However, passengers hoping to nab a chunk of chocolate from the masterpiece, were in for a disappointment - The tower was strictly for viewing only and is actually a traveling exhibit that will make its rounds to locations in various European countries over the next few weeks.

After being teased so badly we have no doubt most people headed straight to the nearest candy store to get a chocolate fix, just like all of you currently are!


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