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We are sure your parents have tried many tricks to make you eat all kinds of strange vegetables. However, what this dad is doing to convince his finicky kids, really rocks!

Like all parents, Mark Northeast, a web designer from Littlehampton, West Sussex was scratching his head on how to get his four and six year old children to eat healthy, when he came up with a brilliant idea - cartoon inspired meals.

His first creation was a space-rocket shaped sandwich, with stars made out of cheese - It was a huge success, especially with his particularly fussy 4-year old son, Oscar.

Encouraged by the success, Mark started to create edible works of art every day - It is thanks to Spongebob Squarepant's tomato tie, that Oscar finally tried the dreaded vegetable, and now eats it regularly. And Mark has plenty of other similar anecdotes to share.

Now Mark is totally obsessed with his creations and is constantly thinking about what his next piece of edible art will look like. He believes his best works so far, are his design of a grand baby piano and the Loch Ness monster.

His kids beg to differ - Oscar's favs are SpongeBob and the caterpillar, while his daughter Izzy prefers Hello Kitty and Lola, from the television series 'Charlie and Lola'.

Mark's creations are not just popular in his own house, but also with other parents and kids. His website gets over 10,000 hits a day and he is now in the process of penning a book about his creations, so that other parents can follow his lead - What an awesome dad!,

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