This Piggy Takes Greed To A Whole New Level


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If you were ever in doubt that the expression 'greedy pig' was an unfair tarnish to the poor animal's reputation - you may change your mind after reading this article.

This bizarre incident happened earlier this week, when Ann Moon, her husband, and their four grandchildren, went to visit Easingworld Maize Maze in North Yorkshire. While walking around they came across a pigpen. As Ann was looking at the cuties, a Kune Kune pig named Ginger, rushed over to greet her.

The unsuspecting Mrs. Moon started to pet the little guy, which seemed to catch a fancy to her diamond wedding ring and started tugging on it.

After what seemed an eternity, she was finally able to pull her hand away, and lo and behold, the biggest diamond from her 30-year old wedding ring had disappeared.

She looked around in the hope that it may have fallen on the ground, but soon it was apparent that Ginger had somehow managed to snap it loose and swallowed it!

Since that day, Paul Caygill, who owns the farm has kept a diligent eye on Ginger's poop - but so far nothing shiny is popping or should we say pooping out! Mrs. Moon is not holding her breath either. Looks like Mr. Moon will just have to buy her a new diamond, which they estimate will cost at least $2,500USD - Oink!!

Kune Kune (pronounced 'coonie coonie'), means 'fat and round' in Maori, the local language of New Zealand. True to their name the pigs are plump little fellas, with short stumpy legs and upturned snouts. Their most distinctive feature is two tassels (pire pire) that hang down from their lower jaws. The cute friendly creatures almost became extinct in the 1980's, but are now back in full force and can be found in many parts of the world.


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