'You Have The Right To Remain Glazed'


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American policeman are known for two things - their love for donuts and their desire to 'protect and serve'. Now a team of cops have brought the two together by becoming the joint owners of 'Cops & Doughnuts', a pastry shop in Clare, Michigan.

It all began over a pizza lunch when the officers were lamenting over the fact that yet another downtown shop was calling it quits because of the bad economy. And what was even worse was that Clare City Bakery was a 113-year old institution, started not long after the civil war.

That's when one of the officers came up with the idea of purchasing the store in partnership with the rest of the team. Soon all of the officers were convinced, and on Wednesday, July 1st, 'Cops and Doughnuts' opened its doors without much fanfare but with a huge line of hungry customers outside its doors

Its completely re-vamped menu features brownies, muffins, fruit turnovers, other baked goods, and of course, donuts. To add to the fun, the shops also sells shirts and coffee mugs with funny slogans like 'You have the right to be Glazed', 'Handcuff and Creampuffs', and 'Cops & Doughnuts: 100 Percent Cop Owned'.

While the officers don't intend to work there and have hired a full-time manager and staff, knowing their love for the sweet treats, they will definitely be using their 'employee' discount to the fullest.

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