Petite Desert Foxes Debut At Tokyo Zoo


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The Tokyo Zoo is buzzing with excitement, with the recent debut of three petite baby Fennec foxes. Native to the Sahara Desert, these animals, also known as desert foxes, are amongst the cutest members of the canine family.

The tiny animals which weighed only 0.76lbs when they were born, are being looked after by the zookeepers, as their parents are unable to take care of them. When fully grown, the foxes will weigh a maximum of 3lbs and grow to a length of 75cm (tail included)!

Similar to other foxes, they are omnivores, feeding on a diet of reptiles, rodents, insects, fruits and vegetables. However, because they are native to the Sahara, they have distinct features that allow them survive in the harsh desert environment.

The most noticeable one is their big ears - through which they are able to disperse the desert heat more efficiently, thanks to all the blood vessels. Their light brown coloring blends in with the desert sand, providing the perfect camouflage . They also have fur on the underside of their paws, to enable them to walk on the hot sand, without getting burnt.

However, the biggest difference between these and other foxes is that they can be trained to be house pets. But before you rush out to look for one, bear in mind that these cuties are a bundle of energy, tough to keep contained in small spaces and will get into anything and everything. Since they can dig up to 20ft underground, they are difficult to recapture if they escape. And, if you happen to have a slightly lazy dog or cat hanging out, they are sure to irritate them with all their energy!,

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