Little Leaguers Stage World's Longest Baseball Game


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Last weekend, 817 kids from Wrentham's baseball and softball team got together to play some ball - except this was no ordinary game but a 36-hour marathon that ended with never before seen triple digit innings and scores.

The game was the brainchild of Jim Lucas, one of the Little League coaches, who wanted to get into the record books by trying to beat the current time of 32 hours 29 min and 28 secs, set by a senior baseball league in St. Louis in 2007.

Though it took a year to plan, it went of without a hitch. By 8.01 kids aged 5-15 were ready to play baseball in one of the 40 planned match-ups. While each game lasted only for an hour, the score and innings count continued as the new teams took over. Since there were no breaks between the games, they continued throughout the night and the following morning.

By 4.30 pm on Sunday, the blurry-eyed kids had surpassed the previous record time by a few seconds, but were so pumped up by the cheering crowds, that they continued to play for another 4 hours - beating the current record by almost 3 hours and 30 seconds. The score at the end of this 101 inning marathon won by the visitors, was pretty close 348 vs. 338.

The game ended with a lot of handshakes and goodwill and not only did the kids break the world record (it still has to be confirmed by Guinness Book of Records), but they also raised $75,000 USD, that will be distributed to seven charities.
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  • bubble17523
    bubble175236 months
    I love softball so much and I would literally die if I couldn't play it.
    • pitcherperfect
      pitcherperfectabout 1 year
      I play softball and would die. Especially because I live in Florida 😂😂😂
      • pinkkitty9
        pinkkitty9over 1 year
        OMG!!!!! I would be so tired that I cannot walk. wow
        • lowkey_amy
          lowkey_amyover 1 year
          I play softball, and would not survive!
          • tough_girl_1
            tough_girl_1almost 3 years
            I play softball and playing for 36 hours would be a little harder
            • doberman
              dobermanover 3 years
              i play softball and this is just crazy!
              • yellowheart
                yellowheartover 3 years
                this is so cool
                • gecko goesover 3 years
                  • brody panzeralmost 4 years
                    im 11 playing with 13 year olds and it is awseome because i am like the 5 best and they give me a expise i will never get again
                    • brody panzeralmost 4 years
                      i wish i could play baseball this long and i would play all day long