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What do you do when you love Lego's and photography? If you are 5th-Grade Science teacher Dan, you combine your love for the two, and share it with the World!

The 27-year old creates a scene made from Lego pieces each day, photographs them, adds a catchy tag-line, and posts it on his website. In between photographs and tag-lines, Dan also writes about news regarding his own life, be it leaving for Spring Break or going to the Emergency Room to get stitched up after cutting himself with a steak knife.

The Lego scenes are interesting and vary from day-to-day, with no central theme. They range from Lego figures on the beach, to them making tea, to one falling flat on the ground - after a long drive back during Spring Break. Designed to keep the visitor entertained, the project now in its 323rd day, has garnered a huge fan following from all across the World.

At the end of the year, Dan hopes to turn his entire collection into a photo book or a calendar - and then maybe another year of the same? Meanwhile, be sure to check out Dan's latest creation or any of his previous ones at: legomyphoto.

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  • Peytonabout 4 years
    I really like it
    • Rory Menziesover 4 years
      These pictures are amazing.
      • Legoclub over 4 years
        Love the pictures
        • Legoboy 666over 4 years
          I love lego
          • Maxover 5 years
            They are like the best toys in the world
            • Vege%over 5 years
              Like Lego guns too
              • Hunteralmost 7 years
                • i have it toover 7 years
                  ANTHONY13, I have one to
                  • XT4 over 7 years
                    Wow Cool Awesome
                    • ANTHONY13 over 7 years
                      dudes, I have a first order storm trooper. Its awesome.