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Did you know that all Disney Parks are full of fun secrets? In fact, there are so many, that a number of websites have dedicated themselves to writing about them. Here are a few fun ones from the original Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.

For All Snow White Fans

You have probably crossed the bridge to Snow White's castle several times during your visit to the park. Did you know that this is a real working drawbridge? Having said that, it is probably a little creaky by now - especially since it has only been raised twice in the last 54 years - once when the park opened on July 17th, 1955 and the second time when Fantasyland reopened. Also, the next time you cross it, be sure to glance up and check out the Disney Family Crest, that is engraved on the Castle's entrance.

The First Painting of Mickey is not in Disneyland

When Walt Disney was planning Disneyland, he hired many consultants and took many trips all over the US to get ideas.

One of the parks he visited was the Children's Fairyland in Oakland , California.

He loved the place, and was so impressed with the cartoons painted on a wall at the Alice in Wonderland attraction, that he asked if he could paint one of his own.

The thrilled park officials were happy to oblige and Mr. Disney promptly painted one of the earliest public cartoons of the World's most famous rodent, which can be seen at the park till today.

The Submarine Voyage Ride featured actual Mermaids (well kind of)!

When the Submarine Voyage ride, (now called the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage) was first introduced in 1959, visitors were treated to real mermaids that would float underneath the 'sea' during the ride. They were of course, girls dressed in mermaid costumes, but definitely a lot of fun.

What's on that clip?

If you have ever looked closely at the sculpture of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, you may have noticed a strange inscription on his tie.

While it may look like an odd symbol or something written in another language, it is actually the letters S, T and R, the symbols of Walt Disney's Palm Springs residence, Smoke Tree Ranch.

And Finally! - The Hidden Mickeys!

Hidden Mickeys are silhouettes or the actual image of the popular mouse that have been scattered throughout all the Disney Resorts - some are obvious, while others, like the one above of 'exploded Mickeys' scattered all over California Adventure, are a little hard to spot.

Other fun hidden sightings include, three plates arranged to resemble Mickey in the Haunted Mansion, floating planet Mickeys in the Buzz Lightyear ride and the large Mickey-like gears in the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride. And finally, don't forget to check out Sully's fur during the Monster's Inc. ride!

All in all, fans have reported over 100 sightings of Mickey incognito - if you have seen any during your visit, be sure to let us know by adding your comment below.,

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  • lablover600
    lablover600about 1 month
    I haven't ever been to Disneyland but I watched this video about the secrets of Disneyland and the people who drive through the wildlife crocodile pit if someone falls they have to leave them there and drive away fast. 😔
  • aqua_husky
    aqua_huskyabout 2 months
    I never really watch Disney but my cousin finds easter eggs in the movies. (she looks so hard she finds things I would have never seen)
    • kinspower10
      kinspower10over 2 years
      It really is the happiest place on earth!
      • Falconfury 25almost 4 years
        that ride that has those animals was called America sings
        • hudimygitikiki
          hudimygitikikiabout 4 years
          Here's a secret about Disney World! Did you know in the Winnie the Pooh ride, there are robot heads from a old attraction with robotic bears that sang cheerful jamboree Disney songs.
          • puppylover145about 4 years
            If you go to Disneyland look at the carpets in the Disneyland hotels!
            • sassycat9
              sassycat9about 1 month
              I have never bin to Disneyland, but what about the carpets???
              • zoietiger
                zoietigerover 1 year
                i know arent they so cool ! i have been going to Disney sense the year i was born and i still love Disney land!!
              • (girl) loganover 4 years
                i want to see most of them
                • tysonalmost 5 years
                  I saw all of them
                  • gavinab
                    gavinabover 5 years
                    that's really cool
                    • lemonade11
                      lemonade11over 5 years
                      That is really cool! I always look for Easter eggs in the movies too.