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If you live in the New England area, be sure to head over to Roger Williams Parks Zoo to see their 'Jack O' Lantern' spectacular, an annual event that features some of the coolest and spookiest carved pumpkins you have ever seen.

The intricate carvings are the work of Oxford, Massachusetts postal worker, John Reckner and his team of carvers, who first displayed their skills at a hillside behind a local neighborhood school in 1988 - a total of 300 people came to admire their work.

Twenty one years later, their intricate works of art, now displayed at the Zoo, attract over 80,000 visitors from all over the New England region. To find out more about the 'Jack O'Lantern Spectacular', which will be on display until November 1st, go to

source: Rogerwilliams park zoo

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  • busybee
    busybeealmost 4 years
    wow 😍💕
    • ?about 4 years
      There amazing!!
      • ?about 4 years
        I was a little confused when I saw that half of them were painted instead of being carved,but they still looked amazing and so do the carved ones.
        • Zachabout 4 years
          the pumpkins look so cool
          • Lilliealmost 5 years
            cool hi
            • Maliaabout 5 years
              So loud
              • meover 5 years
                • jo almost 6 years
                  it is so cool. I wish i chould do that too.
                  • minecrafterabout 6 years
                    love it
                    • jakalaabout 6 years
                      it's real sweet