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Think your cat would look better with some blond tresses, or maybe even something slightly more adventurouslike shocking red pigtails or an electric blue bob? Then you need to check out Kitty Wigs, a new company that sells hairdos for your favorite feline in a myriad of colors and styles.

Julie Jackson founded the company after realizing how much fun she and her cat Boone had 'dressing' up and dancing to loud music, especially at the end of a stressful workday. She thought other cat lovers might enjoy spending some 'quality' time with their pets while having some fun. The wigs also make great props for those family pictures and of course not to mention a great costume for Halloween - We can only imagine the amount of candy the cat would collect if it went trick or treating with one of these on.

The wigs are all hand-made by Julie and arrive in a beautiful round metal wig case embossed with the Kitty Wigs logo. Besides the wig, the case also contains care instructions, suggestions from professional photographers and most importantly a toy for your pet - a little mouse with a rattle, to keep it occupied while you 'fix' its hair. Julie even encloses a small gift for the owner - a few cards and a 'jaunty' Kitty Wigs pin.

As you can imagine, these wigs do not come cheap - Each one of them will set you back a cool $50 USD plus shipping, if you live outside the United States .

Don't have a cat? You can still have some fun with Julie's creations by ordering her book, 'Glamour Puss - The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs' where she and freelance photographer, Jill Jackson have put together a portfolio of 60 stylish cats, pictured with their hair elegantly coiffured with Julie's custom-made wigs. The result is a glossy coffee table book that will bring a smile to any face. To check out out additional pictures or make a purchase go to www.kittywigs.com.

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