The World's Fastest Amphibious Car


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While the Python Water Car may not look as slick as a Porsche or an Aston Martin - It is capable of doing something way cooler - like zooming in and out of water with amazing ease and at twice the speed of currently available amphibious vehicles.

Built by Southern California based, Water Car Company, the Python sports a powerful 640 horsepower V8 engine of a Chevrolet Corvette, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 100mph on land. Its oomph in the water comes from a 500 horsepower Dominator Jet, that enables it to 'sail' at speeds of up to 60mph.

And there is no special training or equipment required either - All the driver has to do to go from land to water is move the gear into neutral, activate the jet drive and push a button to retract the wheels. Simply reverse the process when out of the water and the car will cruise with ease on normal roads.

Built with the front-end of a truck and the rear-end of a Corvette, the car is not one of the most graceful-looking vehicles available. However, it is pretty cool for people looking for a high-performance car, both in land and in water.

Priced at around $170,000 USD, the car can be completely 'customized', with thousands of choices available for the exterior and interior color. It can also be fitted with a different engine, depending on the amount of power the customer is looking for. To check our more details go to:,

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  • genie6
    genie6almost 2 years
    I would prolly do dat but i dont know bout dat.-.
    • meover 4 years
      that dont ride on water
      • lucasa
        lucasaover 4 years
        nice car doooooooooo a flip
        • maseyn
          maseynover 4 years
          You guys have to search up water cars and read the one with the orange car
          • lucasa
            lucasaover 4 years
            mom dad if you are reading this i want one
            • kenai almost 5 years
              Awesome vid I played a race on GTA 5 that you have a bike that can turn into a BOAT!!!!
              • sinimon
                sinimonalmost 5 years
                oh my that was so cool
                • ipiggi
                  ipiggialmost 5 years
                  Buy a Lamborghini since it's about like 70,000 doallers cheaper
                  • frosteye
                    frosteyeover 5 years
                    can i have it
                    • ANNAKAover 5 years
                      I want one