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Karen Ferrier's obsession with black dots on white backgrounds began about 17 years ago, when she brought home Ditto - a Dalmatian puppy.

While Ditto passed away a few years ago, Karen's obsession for dots has never waned. Her extensive spotty collection includes dozens of cuddly animals, clothing, jewelery, ornaments, puzzles and even Rollerblades.

She has candles, mugs, magnets and even toilet paper with spots. And the spots don't just stop there - she also wears them - on her sunglasses, shoes, hats and jacket!

If that's not enough dots for you - Karen even drives around in a dotted car, painted by her husband.

Karen says she still enjoys her collection - it's fun and always brings a smile on people's faces. However, what may be music to every Dalmatian or spot lover, is that Karen is trying to sell about 3,500 pieces from her collection. That's because she is moving and her new house does not have the space for all her spotted stuff. She estimates that it will fetch her about $2.400 US, which we hope doesn't all get re-cycled into more spotty stuff!

Do you collect anything - If so be sure to tell all our readers about your collection by adding your comments below.

Source: DailyMail.Co.Uk

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  • puppyqueen123
    puppyqueen123over 3 years
    supper cute
    • Kelsey over 3 years
      I have a little Dalmatian at my house his name is Marshall
      • bookstory14
        bookstory14over 4 years
        Lol-Cruella De Vill would be envious of her! But all that spotted stuff, and she only has one dog? Wait-this just in-the dog is a dalmation! XD lol all that stuff though XD --BKS
        • Bob the guyalmost 5 years
          omg that lady is insane..
          • wthalmost 5 years
            OMG she LOVESSS dalmatians
            • HOIalmost 5 years
              Did she really do that for her puppy?
              • ttcupcakesabout 5 years
                The only thing is that mrs. devil likes to wear Dalmatians
                • ttcupcakesabout 5 years
                  (Wolfgirl) The title is she love Dalmatians And (kieranluvsdogs) I think she really does act like Cruella Devil
                  • Wolfgirl29almost 6 years
                    I loves dogs but she really loves Dalmatians.
                    • ndkjvnDover 6 years
                      wow. Im seeing spots