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Where is that remote? - Somehow those pesky remotes have a way of disappearing - under the sofa or rug or that blanket you snuggled into the last night. Fear not, as usual some brilliant scientists have come up with a way to make your life easier - change the television channel or volume by simply waving your hand!

Known as 'Gesture Interface Technology', it was developed at a Cambridge laboratory by Dr. Bjorn Stenger. It works by installing a small camera inside a television that senses when a person enters its field of vision. It then searches for the hand and takes up the commands from there. So waving a hand up or down could mean changing the volume, a raised hand may be the signal to pause a DVD. They also expect to have a cursor on the television screen, which can be use with thumb gestures.

Scientists are still trying to figure out how to program the camera to distinguish between a real gesture and an involuntary one, like a sneeze or cough.

However, once the kinks are all sorted out, scientists believe that they can add new features like allowing users to be able to program their own made-up gestures. Even cooler than that, the system could be programmed to recognize regular viewers as they walk into the room and automatically switch to their favorite television channel - The possibilities are endless!

But don't throw away that remote yet - for it could take another four to five years before this technology is perfected and available to all of us. Until then we are resigned to the age-old question - Where is that remote???

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  • love2swim
    love2swimalmost 8 years
    • brownie_forever
      brownie_foreverabout 9 years
      • badgurlllover 9 years
        too cool
        • Nighthawkabout 11 years
          This is a cool idea, but there is a problem: What happens when the webcam picks up signals that you didn't want to send?
          • Brooklyn♥over 11 years
            OH THAT'S SOOOOO COOL!
            • monkey obsessionover 11 years
              im with u Super! i also lost a remote and we had to get another one and reset the tv and THEN, just then we found the remote so now we have 3 remotes!!! the new remote we bough was almost as big as our cpu screen, no joke, so we wouldn't lose it. man how i hate loosing remotes!
              • geek1212almost 12 years
                • Awsomealmost 12 years
                  So cool
                  • eaabout 12 years
                    ea so coolio
                    • Super!about 12 years
                      This is revoultionary I lost the remote today and couldn't turn the volume down. One time we lost our remote for over a year no joke. We had to buy a new dvd system and then of course we found it. It had some how ended up underneath the couch on a box spring shelf!?