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Millions of commuters who use the Waterloo train station in London, are in for a special treat this week - Wads and Wads of money spilling out of an over-stuffed bank vault - Is this for real? Or are your eyes deceiving you?

Unfortunately they are! This is the 3-D artwork of American artist Kurt Wenner. The girl in the picture is real though. She is ten-year old U.S. resident Drew Frankenfield, who happened to be at the station and thought it would be fun to pretend to try open the vault door some more.

Kurt, who was an Illustrator for U.S. Space Agency, NASA in his former life, started street painting in Rome in 1982. He is credited with introducing illusionary or 3-dimensional art to street painting, with some outstanding results.

This latest work is being sponsored by a company called, to depict how much money their customers have saved by using their services.

For commuters who frequent Waterloo station, this is a second treat from Kurt. Last year, he was commissioned by Sky HD to promote its new advertising campaign.

For this, he had drawn a woman sitting on a sofa, while a car crashes through her front wall.That too was a huge success.

While Kurt's work looks realistic with the naked eye, it's even more realistic with 3-D glasses on - Makes us want to visit England just to see it.

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