Hawaii's Kilauea volcano provides a feast for the eyes


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The Islands of Hawaii, USA usually associated with beautiful serene beaches is also home to another amazing attraction - active volcanoes. And right now one of its youngest volcanoes, Kilauea is spewing out some spectacular lava on the Big Island of Hawaii.

For many years Kilauea was considered to be a branch of another volcano. However, recent research has revealed that the Kilauea is a full-fledged volcano with its own magma-plumbing system that extends more than 60km below the earth's surface.

According to ancient Hawaiian myth, Kilauea is home of Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess. Pele born in Tahiti, was one of six girls and seven boys. Her mother was an earth goddess and father, the creator of the sky, earth and upper heavens. According to the legend, Pele was exiled by her father and came to Hawaii via a boat. Once in Hawaii, she created havoc in all the islands, digging fire pits and creating volcanoes. Her sister finally caught up with her and killed her in an epic battle near Hana on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. Upon death, Pele became a god and dug her final and eternal pit on the Big Island of Hawaii, at the summit of the Kilauea Volcano. The locals believe that she still resides there and often leave gifts for her.

Pele seems to be pretty pleased with all her gifts right now. Since the beginning of March the young volcano has had some dramatic eruptions, spewing blobs of lava and exploding gas and gravel-sized rocks all around the area.

Visitors who are flocking to see this spectacular sight are rewarded with a dramatic plume of gas and steam, which is starting to look gray as the ash mixes in. Equally dramatic are thin strands of solidified lava, which have been dubbed "Pele's hair" and droplets of lava rock -dubbed "Pele's tears", around the rim of the crater. Nobody knows how long the lava will keep flowing, but it is an amazing sight while it does.

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  • easter bunnyover 3 years
    wow soooooooooo cool i l❤ve volcanos
    • Norahover 3 years
      omg that's crazy
      • diamondkid
        diamondkidover 7 years
        • averyalmost 8 years
          not cool
          • Maryalmost 8 years
            That is so crazy wow I want to live there and asome
            • muffinp
              muffinpalmost 8 years
              that a real feast for the eyes!
              • Alexover 8 years
                • coolioover 8 years
                  i did not even know that was possible because i thought it was really a mind blowing experience to watch. just imagine the people who watched it. they must have been terrified!! who would not be? i would so insanely terrified. i hope no one got hurt because that seems dangerous.
                  • coolioover 8 years
                    wow oh wow that is so cool
                    • Woodyover 8 years
                      Dude that awesome I hope it happens again