An Earth Friendly Backpack


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Next time you go on a hike or camping, you don't have to leave your computer or gameboy behind. This Eco-friendly backpack will charge any hand-held device or even a laptop using Solar Energy.

The backpack is equipped with three solar panels that in turn charge a 4,400-mAh battery, which will also store any unused power. The backpack also comes with 11 adapters and padded pockets for all hand-held devices like phones, iPods and gameboys. In addition there is also a padded area to fit in a 17-inch laptop computer.

The one caveat - while it takes only one hour of direct sunlight to power up your iPod for three hours and cell phone for one and a half hours, it needs a whole day of sunlight to garner enough power to fully charge your laptop. However, with about 1,580 cubic feet of space inside the pack, there will be room left to carry nourishment for your long hike!

The backpack, which costs between $199 to $249 U.S. Dollars, comes in four different colors and is made from recycled soda bottles by Voltaic Systems ( Pretty cool eh?

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