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Calling all Spider-Man fans - the first animated Spider-Man series in a decade - "The Spectacular Spider-Man" aired it's first two back-to-back episodes on kids WB on the CW Network today at if you missed it, catch it next Saturday at the same time.

The show starts at the very beginning of Spider-Man's journey, as a 16-year-old entering his junior year of high school. After spending the summer using his newly found powers fighting crime, Peter Parker must now go back to school and pretend to be the geek he was.

The series will include many of the famous Spider-Man characters like Flash Thompson, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, Aunt May Parker and many others.

The one thing that fans are assured of by the director responsible for the "visual looks" is huge action scenes. He wants to show Spider-Man making huge jumps and leaps.

While Spider-Man will remain a student throughout the whole series, his enemies will come from all walks and ages of life. However, the producers of the show are not revealing who the enemies will be. It's for the fans to find out every Saturday morning. Also, just in case you were wondering, Action Hero Toys based on this new series are scheduled to arrive in U.S. Toy stores in April. To see a preview of some of them check out our video at "Action Hero Toys at the 2008 Toy Fair" (Issue 3 - March 8th) on our sister site,

Let us know what you think of the new series. Meanwhile, enjoy a preview of the first show.

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