Famous Harry Potter Footbridge To Be Demolished


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The bridge that Harry and his friends walk over to get to the infamous 'nine and three quarters' platform to board the train to Hogwart's may soon be demolished.

Kings' Cross station, from where Harry's train scenes are filmed is going through a major expansion, which has resulted in plans to remove this particular bridge.

Harry Potter fans are trying their best to see if they can save this famous icon that tourists love to visit. While the bridge is mentioned in some the earlier Harry Potter books, it gains a lot of significance in the last book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", where there is a special chapter entitled 'Kings' Cross' - Additionally, it is also mentioned in the epilogue, when the author wraps up the grand finale of the series.

Hopefully, Potter fans will succeed!

sources: edinburghnews.com

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  • anajas1
    anajas1over 4 years
    According to my research, the bridge was taken out and put into a new station where Harry Potter fans could enjoy it.
    • angie33
      angie33almost 5 years
      • Pansy Parkinsover 5 years
        It's not still there it's 2016.But they mite bild a new one and my dream continued!!!😿😊
        • valentinaomg
          valentinaomgover 4 years
          So sad that they took it down I Am a huge Harry Potter fan I feel so sad!!!😞😭
          • callie_b
            callie_bover 5 years
            That's horrible they took it down!!😢😢😢😢
          • Pansy Parkinsover 5 years
            No way are they going to do that!!!!!!!!!!😢😿
            • Hermionealmost 6 years
              Keep it there
              • icat99
                icat99about 6 years
                that is sad😢
                • jordanover 6 years
                  that's cool
                  • Whateverover 6 years
                    "GET YOUR HANDS OF ME!!!!!" worker "sir please get off" tries to peel me off
                    • hermione7
                      hermione7over 6 years
                      THe bridge needs to stay! I will fly to London all the way from the US and chain my self to that bridge! The bridge must stay! #potterheadsunite
                      • Hannahover 6 years
                        Don't do this!!! I love the books! And the movies!