Spiderman does it again!


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Late last year we told you about Alain Roberts - "The Real Spiderman" (DOGONews Issue-10 dated December 24th, 2007). After being quiet for about six months, he has emerged again, this time in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where he was seen climbing one of the tallest buildings in the city - the 495 ft tall Edificio Italia - with his bare hands.

Alain, notorious for his habit of trying to climb the tallest structures all over the world, never publicizes his climbs because he is afraid the police will stop him from his quest. However, the police in Sao Paolo somehow found out and tried to stop him several times.

Roberts did not give up. He returned every day and was stopped each time. However on Wednesday, he got his break when there was a slight breach (opening) in security. He took the elevator to the roof and then started to make his way down.

The traffic stopped for several hours and over 2,000 onlookers gazed in awe, cheering as Alain made his way down, with no equipment or safety nets. The police however, were not amused. They arrested him as he came down and Alain has been asked to leave Brazil within the week.

Alain is not perturbed or offended by this - he has been given the "boot" several times, from several countries - but he continues to do what he loves, which is climbing the tallest buildings in the world with his bare hands - something even Spiderman cannot do!

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  • antique
    antiqueover 2 years
    Just imagine his upper body strength!
    • applemango
      applemangoover 3 years
      Wow, he's a great climber!
      • cowsrgreat
        cowsrgreatalmost 4 years
        He isn't smart.
        • btd5wyattover 4 years
          wow hope he does not die
          • Dogloveralmost 5 years
            He got arrested and he doesn’t even care!
            • cray crayalmost 5 years
              this is a cool artical
              • rockin rollalmost 5 years
                wow where is his suit his spiderman suit
                • ooohhh yeahalmost 5 years
                  man he is good
                  • go girlsabout 5 years
                    and he strikes again baby !!!
                    • SuperMiiBrotherover 6 years
                      ...cool and DONT DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!