German Police Dogs To Wear Shoes

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Police dogs in the city of Dusseldorf, Germany will have to learn how to put on their shoes, as the entire team of twenty German and Belgian Shepherds will be soon be equipped with shoes on all their four paws.

Unfortunately for the dogs, there is no style or colors to choose from. They will all be wearing standard plastic fiber shoes - in blue - so that they match the uniforms of the policemen. Also, there are only three sizes to choose from - small, medium and large.

While it does sound and look a little odd for these regal dogs to be walking around in dainty blue shoes, the German Police says it is to protect the dogs from paw injuries.

The issue is especially prevalent in the historic part of the city, where there are cobblestone streets. That area has a lot of bars, where people drink beer and often throw the beer bottles onto the street. Because of the cobblestone, glass often gets stuck in the grooves, making it difficult to remove. This ends up hurting the dogs when they are patrolling the area.

The police are not sure the dogs are going to like wearing shoes, but they will have to get used to them. Also, they will not force the dogs to wear the shoes everywhere, only in areas prone to broken glass. Sounds fair to us - what do you think?,

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