Bindi Irwin unveils her own line of toys

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Bindi Irwin, star of the T.V. show - "Bindi the Jungle Girl", was in New York earlier this week, along with her brother Bob and mother Terri, to unveil her own line of Australian Zoo Playsets, Plush Toys (soft cuddly toys) and even a look-alike talking doll called "Bindi".

As has always been the case with Bindi and her family, all the toys and even the doll have an animal conservation theme or message.

Most of the plush toys in the line are animals that are already endangered or will soon be, if we do not look after them. Amongst the toys that will be available under "Bindi's collection", include Mountain Brushtail Possum, Common Wombat and Dingo, an Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Saltwater Crocodile and of course a Koala.

The Bindi talking doll comes with ten pre-recorded messages about animal conservation in Bindi's own voice. Bindi has also named all the animals in the toy collection and each one has a real-life counterpart in the Australian Zoo, which belongs to Bindi's family.

All proceeds from the sale of toys will be distributed amongst the many animal groups Bindi and her family are involved with.

The toys (some pictured below) will be in toy stores later this year, in the fall.

Enjoy the video of the toy launch, with Bindi, her younger brother Bob and mum Terri.

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