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While we have heard of pampered pooches, this definitely has to be a first - A surgeon in England has drawn up plans to build a custom home for her two Great Danes, in an exclusive estate, which houses million dollar homes.

The two-bedroom house will have large windows that overlook a private playground. Once completed, it will feature temperature-controlled beds, lined with sheep-skin, an 18-inch deep spa to soothe the dogs' weary muscles, a music sound system to bark with and a 52-inch plasma television, that will feature dog friendly shows.

Additionally, it will be installed with automatic dispensers that spew out chilled water and dry dog food. Doggie cameras will be installed in various areas of the house, so that the owner can monitor the dogs from her own $2million USD home that will be constructed next door. The doghouse will even have a sophisticated retina scanner to ensure that only the owners have access - In other words, there will be no parties in that house!

The palatial doghouse, which will be built from materials such as limestone, zinc and glass is estimated to cost about $400,000 USD and is believed to be the most expensive kennel ever built. Lucky dogs!

Source: DailMail.co.uk

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