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For the last two years, we have all smiled, sung and danced with Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, Taylor and the rest of the gang as they journeyed through their high school years. Now comes the Grande Finale. As they get ready to graduate, Disney has spared no expense with its 3rd, but by no means final, High School Musical 3 - The Senior Year, extravaganza.

The highly anticipated movie opened in theaters this week, amidst much fanfare. However, some lucky fans got to see the movie last week, at special premiers staged in Paris, London, and Los Angeles, where they hobnobbed with the stars. For the rest of us, last night was the big night - and so far it seems no one is walking away disappointed.

The movie, which starts with an exciting basketball match with a nail-biting finish, has its audience crying, dancing, singing and sighing wistfully at the happy ending.

With ten new songs, a high school prom and the final big graduation, the movie leaves audience wishing for more.

But do not fret - For while this may be the last time we see Troy, Gabriella and the rest of this graduating class together, Disney is already grooming the next high school class - three of whom make their debut in this movie. Will they capture our hearts like Troy and Gabriella have done? - Only time will tell. Meanwhile you will be able to see Zac Efron (Troy), alongside Johnny Dep in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, coming to theatres soon.

Have fun watching the videos below, and be sure to add your reviews once you see the movie.

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  • techfashion0315
    I have watched all of the High School Musicals and love them! Zac Efron is sooooo cute! I have a GIGANTIC crush on him!
    • cr3757
      cr3757about 1 year
      Cool I kinda like it
      • kiki16
        kiki16about 1 year
        • x_goddess_x
          x_goddess_xabout 1 year
          I love this!!!!!
          • hope12
            hope12over 1 year
            love this
            • pusheenicorn
              pusheenicornover 1 year
              High School musical is awesome!!!😍😍 Did you guys know that they made an extra movie about Sharpay called "Sharpay's Fabulous adventure"?! I've watched it ALL. 🙂
              • zacefron loveralmost 3 years
                I lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeee Zac Efron . He's so cute.
              • Azzbeover 3 years
                i love the movie so much it's one of my favorite movie so ya
                • Messiabout 6 years
                  This was pretty cool!!!!!!
                  • Lexi over 6 years
                    I love high school Musical because there's cool people in it and i like the songs in it too, And my favorite people are Gabrella Montez and Troy Bolton. I can't wait to see high school Musical 3, i've seen 1 and 2 but not 3. i can't wait!