What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?


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With less than ten days left before Halloween, we are sure most of you already know what you are going to dress up as. For those of you who still haven't even thought about it or are still on the fence, here are a few ideas for costumes that can be made with a little help from mum or dad.

This yummy box of Dunking Donuts is sure to get you a lot of envious stares and send people dashing to look for a nearest donut store. Love it? here are the instructions: www.family.go.com/entertainment/pkg-halloween-costumes/craft-581307-donut-costume-t/

Think Snow White and her Step Mother are boring? How about the Step Mother's mirror ? You can be assured that all 'trick or treat' goers will be checking you out to see 'if they are the fairest of all'. For instructions go to: www.family.go.com/entertainment/pkg-halloween-costumes/craft-581302-mirror-mirror-on-the-wall--magic-mirror--costume-t/

As if being a mummy (the Egyptian kind) isn't scary enough, here comes a rotten Mummy! To make this, check out the instructions on www.family.go.com/entertainment/pkg-halloween-costumes/craft-580854-rotten-mummy-costume-t/

Here's a good one for all you history fans - You can be Mt. Rushmore and decide which one of the Presidents you want to be - Maybe George Washington for the school parade and honest Abe for the evening trick or treating jaunt around the neighborhood? If that sounds good here are the instructions: www.family.go.com/entertainment/pkg-halloween-costumes/craft-578522-mount-rushmore-costume-t/

With Christmas fast approaching here is one that will definitely get you some attention - An evil-looking grinning Santa! - And maybe you can even use it over Christmas - Ho! Ho! Ho! - Love it? Here's how you make it http://family.go.com/entertainment/pkg-halloween-costumes/craft-580846-sandy-claws-jack-costume-t/

If none of these appeal to you, check out the video below for additional ideas, or go to http://family.go.com/entertainment/pkg-halloween-costumes/pkg-halloween-costume-crafts/ - Be sure to tell us which ones are your favorites. Happy Halloween!

Sources: Disneyfamily.com

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  • gachalife_4ever
    gachalife_4everalmost 2 years
    that's pretty cool. I'm gonna be a zombie bride though.
    • LONEYalmost 4 years
      i never new that
      • ....almost 5 years
        • marya
          maryaalmost 5 years
          Im going 2 be a witch with makeup
          • Travasalmost 5 years
            • grace/courtneyover 5 years
              i think it was toatly adorable.it was toatly OMG.BOOM.AND TOATLY ADORABLE.
              • kobe bryantalmost 6 years
                hey guys tell me what the video was like but i read the story i liked if you never read one of these articles then your missing out these are great articles
                • cookie swil calmost 6 years
                  this is so cool cookie fans
                  • LOLIPOPSover 6 years
                    SO COOL
                    • LOLIPOPSover 6 years
                      I WISH I COULD DO THAT