Not Sure What Kind Of Dog You Want? Rent It!


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Seriously, you can do this now! If you are not sure what kind of dog you want or need to convince your parents that you are going to be sooooooo responsible, rent a dog from

FlexPetz currently operates only out of Los Angeles , but is soon opening locations in San Francisco, Manhattan, Boston , Washington D.C. and even London.

FlexPetz allows clients to "rent" a dog, for a few hours or few days depending on their schedule, for a fixed membership fee. They can either rent the same dog every time, or try different dogs. The dogs are all potty trained (moms are you reading this!) and fully conversant with basic canine instructions. A membership also entitles members to rent pets from other flexpetz locations, when they are on vacation.

All the dogs at FlexPetz are rescued or in need of new homes. They are between 2-3 years old and routinely checked by veterinarians. When they are not being rented, they are kept in homes with one primary owner, just like regular dogs. The best part is if a renter falls in love with a dog, he can buy him and take him home forever. It's a pretty nifty way to try out if you really want a dog isn't it?

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  • kurz
    kurzover 1 year
    I like cats more than dogs. Cats don't bark constantly like dogs. They don;t even bark!!!
    • venom131313
      venom131313over 2 years
      Seriously, I just don't see the problem. If you had bought the dog, and then had problems with it adjusting, you would have to sell it and that would be worse for the dog. I have had to do this because our first dog had been abused and hated small girls for that reason. It was always barking at them, and it hated, my baby sister and our neighbors children. So this is a great way to get to know the dog, see if it fits in your house, figure out how and where to walk and feed it. It's genius!
      • ladyalmost 3 years
        this is just plain cruel
        • ST33about 3 years
          • Baby 👶 about 3 years
            • gecko goesabout 3 years
              • 1234567891011about 3 years
                Yass queen! save the doggies!!!!!
                • Magpieabout 3 years
                  I hope you save lots of dogs.😉
                  • ST33about 3 years
                    OMG So cute
                    • ST33 about 3 years
                      This is so cool 😎