Nascar's Next Superstar - Joey Logano

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At just 17 years of age, Joey Logano is being dubbed as "the greatest that ever raced in Nascar".

Joey Logano has had an incredible 2007, capping it recently by winning the 5th annual Toyota Showdown in Irwindale, California. This was an exciting race, where Logano led the final 87 laps and won the most important trophy of his career.

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As Logano put it, this was the "cherry" on top of what has been a perfect year for this young man. He has already won six titles including the Nascar Grand National Series. He also grabbed the honors to be the youngest and the first "rookie" to win the Nascar Busch East series.

At the age of 17, Joey is only allowed to race as a developmental driver, too young to participate in Nascar's premier races, Nextel Cup, and Busch Series racing. He has however announced his debut in his first nationwide series on May 31st at Dover International Speedway, a week after he turns 18. He also announced a "Countdown to the Dream," a running clock on, that will allow his fans to count down the days, hours and minutes to his big debut.

Joey does not come from a racing background. When he was four, his father bought him a go-kart. Joey played with it all day and night. His dad tried to get Joey to play traditional sports like baseball and basketball. However, the young boy was not interested. He then tried racing in the quarter midgets (racing for kids aged 5 and older), loved it, and a racing career was launched. Eight years ago the family moved from Connecticut to Georgia, where there were no age restrictions on racing.

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At age 12, Joey won Southeast based Pro Legends National Championships. At 15, he became the youngest person to win the Hooter's Procup Tour. At 16, he became the youngest winner of the Phoenix International Raceway. This young man was definitely born to race!

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