Multiplication tricks for numbers close to 10


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Last week, we brought you a fun way to figure learn the nines table. This week impress your friends and teachers by learning how to multiply numbers closer to ten.......... in less than five minutes.

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  • Brody foxxabout 4 years
    this is really helpful
    • renwu
      renwuabout 4 years
      Good enough
      • icewings
        icewingsover 4 years
        Interesting! Never knew this way.
        • kikidoyoulovemeover 4 years
          that way of doing multiplication was very cool!!
          • ellasin
            ellasinover 4 years
            I already know how to multiply facts up to 12
            • icewings
              icewingsover 4 years
              So do I and so do my friends. I'm sure that this could be useful to the kids who can't calculate easily.
            • typarmesean
              typarmeseanover 4 years
              easy peasy
              • What the?over 4 years
                • noahover 4 years
                  • ha ha about 5 years
                    never will need it get better dogo
                    • Hotstuff about 5 years
                      that is not very cool it is also not useful. Who really needs it?