You Have Seen The Sunset, Now Watch An "Earthset"

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Photo credit: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

We have all seen the sunset. Now watch this fascinating video of an "Earthset"; pictures taken by Kaguya, a lunar explorer operated by Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Kaguya, also known as Selene, is a three-ton spacecraft with two mini spacecrafts that was sent to the moon to explore the Moon's geology (study of the materials of the moon) and geophysics.

Photo credit: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Kaguya brings a new era (period) of Lunar (moon) exploration. Since the end of the Apollo and Luna spacecrafts, there have been very few spacecrafts going to the moon. Because Kaguya consists of three separate aircrafts, it will be able to take detailed measurements of the moon's gravitational and magnetic fields. Kaguya's mission is to investigate the origin and evolution of the moon. Kaguya is also equipped with a high-definition camera, which is able to transmit great pictures of the earth, as shown in the video below:


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