With the World Series coinciding with the inauguration of our sports column, we decided it would be a great idea to educate our readers (and ourselves) about what it is and why it is such a big deal for baseball fans all across America.

The World Series is the championship game of the Major League Baseball season. Contrary to its name however, the series is not played between baseball teams across the world. Rather, it is played between the winners of two US leagues, the American League and the National League.

The two leagues, which have a total of 30 teams, are further divided into three divisions, East, West and Central. The winner of each league competes in the World Series. The team that wins the majority of the seven games is declared "World Champion", and receives a silver trophy with gold flags (see picture below). Each player also receives individual World Championship rings.

Last year's winners the St. Louis Cardinals, were eliminated early this year. The two teams in the finals this year are the Colorado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox. Stay tuned for updates in our next edition.

Source: wikipedia.com